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An immodest proposal

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“We are saved —so our politicians tell us —from a plunge off the fiscal cliff. In all reports, however, it is mentioned that President Obama settled for a slice of what he claimed to be after, which was to raise taxes on those whose income is more than a $quarter million annually. Instead, the Republican bravehearts kept that rapacious goal at bay and made certain that taxes would only increase for those making more than $400,000 per year. Brilliant!”

Author: Tom H. Hastings
Published in: Hastings on Nonviolence http://www.huntingtonnews.net/53021, Joplin Independent http://www.joplinindependent.com/display_article.php/hastings1357521198, Salem News http://www.salem-news.com/articles/january072013/immodest-proposal-th.php, Pressenza http://www.pressenza.com/2013/01/usa-saved-from-the-fiscal-cliff-an-immodest-proposal/, Sierra County Prospect http://www.sierracountyprospect.org/archives/immodest-proposal-1913/, Counter Punch http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/01/07/now-that-we-are-saved/
Date: January 2,6,7,9,2013

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